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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Freaks, the weekend is upon us again. I wish you all well. I have an issue I've been working on today and have hit a mental roadblock. Hoping someone with the time and will will talk me through it. I'm creating a table while looping through an API array and I've hit a couple snags. Here is the repeated HTML -> $html = " <tr class='mt-2'> <td>{$rank}.</td> <td><img src='{$image}' height='75' width='75'></td> <td>{$name}</td> <td class='bold'>\${$final_worth}B</td> <td class='{$class}'>\${$last_change}</td> <td>{$country}</td> <td>{$source}</td> <td><button class='bg-color-primary text-color-third px-2' id='more_btn' onclick='showDetails({$cnt})'>More</button></td> </tr> <tr > <div id='details'>lorem fucking ipsum wahoo baby</div> </tr> "; Everything was going as expected until I went to add the second row (div#details). There's actually 2 issues at play here - the first is how I make each button/div#details connected so button1 only effects div1 etc. I can't tackle that one yet though, because right now when any button is clicked div#details shows up above the table header rather than underneath the previous row. So until I have the positioning correct I can't really tackle the js functionality. Can someone please tell me why the <tr><div#details> is not appearing underneath it's previous row? The js code is as follows -> <script> var cnt = <?php echo $cnt; ?>; function showDetails(cnt) { var details = "details"; var x = document.getElementById(details); if (x.style.display === "none") { x.style.display = "block"; } else { x.style.display = "none"; } } </script> I know the code is a mess right now. It's kind of shameful lol but like I said I can't really do more with it until I can figure out why that table row isn't positioning properly
  2. This is what I am trying to accomplish. 1. I have two tables. T1: Users and T2: Earnings. 2. I want to find a single random user whose deposit amount is greater than the listed amount. Below is my foreach loop within foreach loop trying to do the above. I was wondering if there is a more simple way to do this task? Is there a way to combine these two queries together? $listed_amount = 1000; // find a random user $find_user = $db->prepare("SELECT user_id FROM users WHERE user = :user AND active = :active ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1"); $find_user->bindValue(':user', 1); $find_user->bindValue(':active', 1); $find_user->execute(); $result_user = $find_user->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if(count($result_user) > 0) { foreach($result_user as $row) { $user_id = $row['user_id']; // find that random user's deposit amount $get_deposits = $db->prepare("SELECT deposit FROM earnings WHERE sent_to = :sent_to AND status = :status"); $get_deposits->bindParam(':sent_to', $user_id); $get_deposits->bindValue(':status', 1); $get_deposits->execute(); $result_deposits = $get_deposits->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if(count($result_deposits) > 0) { $ub = 0; foreach($result_deposits as $key=>$row) { $ub+= $row['deposit']; } $total_deposits = $ub; } if($total_deposits > $listed_amount) { // show the user } else { // hide the user } } }
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