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Found 1 result

  1. HI, I am a beginner at programing and I have to do this project where it is asking me to valid ISBN 10 and 13 using MySQL database to store the information. I checked my php code to validate ISBN 10 and 13 and it works, but when I try to store the data to MySQL it is not working. What I mean is that when I click ShowISBN link it doesn't show this information: ISBN Number ISBN Type Date Entered using timestamp Valid or Invalid This is the codes I have for input page of ISBN page: <?php //this is the isset function which allows us to submit back //to the same form. If there isn't anything in the ISBN, it will //show the bottom part of the form if(isset($_POST["ISBN"])|| empty($_POST['isbn_type']) || empty($_POST['Valid_Invalid'])) { $ISBN = $_POST["ISBN"];; $IsbnType = $_POST["isbn_type"];; $VaorIn = $_POST["Valid_Invalid"];; $ISBN_Arr = str_split($ISBN); $not10 =0; $notNum=0; $notX=0; //entering error checking for the code //check for 10 first, if clear do additional checking if(strlen($ISBN) == 10) {//start further error checking //check to make sure first 9 are numeric for($i=0;$i<=8;$i++) { if(!is_numeric($ISBN_Arr[$i])) $notNum = 1; }//end for loop check //check to see if there is a X or a x if($ISBN_Arr[9]=='x' || $ISBN_Arr[9]=='X') { $ISBN_Arr[9] = 10; } //if not an x, is it at least numeric? else if (!is_numeric($ISBN_Arr[9]) ) { $notX=1; } }//end additional error checking else { $not10=1; }//end not 10 check //start of error messages if prereqs are not met if($notNum ==1 || $notX ==1 || $not10) { Print "<h2>Input error</h2><br/>"; Print "Here is the error(s) discovered:<br/>"; if($notNum ==1) print"Your ISBN contains non-numeric data.<br/>"; if($notX ==1) print"The last digit is not a number or a X.<br/>"; if($not10 ==1) print"ISBN 10 number should contain 10 characters.<br/>"; include"ISBN_not_val_include.html"; } //end error checking else{ $chk_sum_num=10; $chk_sum =0; for($i=0;$i<=9;$i++) { $chk_sum +=$ISBN_Arr[$i] *$chk_sum_num; //print"$ISBN_Arr[$i] | $chk_sum_num<br/>"; $chk_sum_num--; }//end for loop $is_valid_ISBN= $chk_sum%11; //print"chk_sum: $chk_sum </br> is_valid_ISBN: $is_valid_ISBN</br>"; if($is_valid_ISBN==0) { print"<h3>VALID</h3><br/>"; print"$ISBN is a VALID 10 digit ISBN number.<br/>"; include"ISBN_val_include.html"; } else{ print"<h3>INVALID</h3><br/>"; print"$ISBN is an INVALID 10 number ISBN.<br/>"; include"ISBN_not_val_include.html"; }//end is_valid if }//end }//end is set if else{ include"ISBN_val_include.html"; }//end isset else ?> </form> <p><a href="_ShowISBN10and13DBProject.php">Show ISBN </a></p> </body> </html> This is the second part of the code that incorporates php and MySQL: <?php if (empty($_POST['ISBN'])|| empty($_POST['isbn_type']) || empty($_POST['Valid_Invalid'])) echo "<p>You must enter a Valid ISBN 10 to Continue! Please Click your browser's Back Button to return to the input page of ISBN 10 with Database.</p>\n"; else { $DBConnect = @mysql_connect("xxx.xxx.xx.xxx", "xxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxx"); if($DBConnect === false) echo"<p>Unable to conenct to the database server.</p>" . "<p>Error code " . mysql_errno() . ": " . mysql_error() . "</p>"; else{ $DBName = "xxxxxxxx"; if (!@mysql_select_db($DBName, $DBConnect)) { $SQLstring = "CREATE DATABASE $DBName"; $QueryResult = @mysql_query($SQLstring, $DBConnect); if ($QueryResult === FALSE) echo "<p>Unable to execute the query.</p>" . "<p>Error code " . mysql_errno($DBConnect) . ": " . mysql_error($DBConnect) . "</p>"; else echo "<p>You are the first visitor!</p>"; } mysql_select_db($DBName, $DBConnect); $TableName = "isbn"; $SQLstring = "SHOW TABLES LIKE '$TableName'"; $QueryResult = @mysql_query($SQLstring, $DBConnect); if ($QueryResult === FALSE) echo "<p>Unable to create the table.</p>" . "<p>Error code " . mysql_errno($DBConnect) . ": " . mysql_error($DBConnect) . "</p>"; $ISBNum = stripslashes($_POST['ISBN']); $ISBNType = stripslashes($_POST['isbn_type']); $VaORIn = stripslashes($_POST['Valid_Invalid']); $SQLstring = "INSERT INTO $TableName VALUES(NULL, '$ISBNum', '$ISBNType', '$VaORIn')"; $QueryResult = @mysql_query($SQLstring, $DBConnect); if($QueryResult === false) echo"<p>Unable to execute the query.</p>" . "<p>Error code " . mysql_errno($DBConnect) . ": " . mysql_error($DBConnect) . "</p>"; else echo"<h1>Thank you for trying our ISBN 10 program!</h1>"; mysql_close($DBConnect); } } ?><!--End PHP Script--> This is the page where it is not working! <?php $DBConnect = @mysql_connect("xxx.xxx.xx.xxx", "xxxxxxx", "xxxxx"); if($DBConnect === false) echo"<p>Unable to conenct to the database server.</p>" . "<p>Error code " . mysql_errno() . ": " . mysql_error() . "</p>"; else{ $DBName = "xxxxxx"; if (!@mysql_select_db($DBName, $DBConnect)) echo"<p>There are no entries in the guest book!</p>"; else { $TableName = "isbn"; $SQLstring = "SELECT * FROM $TableName"; $QueryResult = @mysql_query($SQLstring, $DBConnect); if (mysql_num_rows($QueryResult) == 0) echo"<p>There are no entries in the ISBN 10 Database!</p>"; else{ echo"<p>The following ISBN have been recorded:</p>"; echo"<table width='100%' border='1'>"; echo"<tr><th>ISBN Number</th><th>ISBN Type</th><th> Date Entred</th><th> Valid OR Invalid</th></tr>"; while (($Row = mysql_fetch_assoc($QueryResult)) !==FALSE) { echo "<tr><td>{$Row['ISBN']}</td>"; echo "<tr><td>{$Row['isbn_type']}</td>"; echo "<tr><td>{$Row['TIMESTAMP']}</td>"; echo "<td>{$Row['Valid_Invalid']}</td></tr>"; } } mysql_free_result($QueryResult); } mysql_close($DBConnect); } When I click show ISBN nothing happens and I am not shore why! This is how I have my table setup in MySQL Manually by clicking table and create table: Columns: count int(11) Al PK ISBN varchar(45) isbn_type varchar(45) TIMESTMP datetime PK Valid_Invalid varchar(45) Can someone please tell me why when I click Show ISBN in the input page the first code pasted I get nothing! How do I fix the issue because my validation works, but it's not storing it or showing up when click Show ISBN! Any help will be appreciate it!
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