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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this site and hope I am posting this in the right section... The thing is..... I would like some help with php and mysql.. What I want to create is a page where users can create an account by entering their name, email and password, and if the username is taken they will have to try again otherwise their details will be registered to the mysql table and have an account to login. Also I would like a redirect so if the user is a standard user it goes to say “home”, but if the user is an admin it will go to another page ie “home2”, and how would I create the admin in the same table on mysql or seperate? Right the last thing is once the user can register and login, so can the admin, for instance if there are 10 users, when logged in I want each of those users to see different information can this be done and how could I do this ? I thought maybe have the table and the id would be from 1-10 so if user is 1 being dan show his column, and if user logged 2 being steve show column id 2. Can somebody help me implement this please ? I am currently learning php and mysql, im in university I managed to learn how to create the table, connect login, search, add to the database when logged in and edit etc.. but for what I want to achieve now I cannot find any tutorials or help, could somebody please help me with the coding for this and what pages are what and how to create the table in mysql being either 1 table for both user and admin, or 2 tables for separate users and admin. Thanks for your help in advance guys
  2. gitn32

    PHP My Admin

    Hi. I would like help on how to install phpMyAdmin on windows 7 Acer.
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