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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to all! I have a question about how to do something with php and mysql. On my site, user can upload photos and choose if they want to let others users rate this photos (from 1 to 10). So actually, on my website, i have a section to shows members with best rating... .but the problem that users told me... is if a members has 3 pics with 3 different rate (let say 9, 8 and 7) this members will be show 3 time.... once at the position 9, another time to the position 8 and a last time at the position 7.... So the list can be very long..... My question is: Now i try to make is simple and better.. so i will show photo with best rate as i already did, but the difference is a same members will only appears once... so if a members has 3 pics... i will show the pics with the best rate and i want to add at the bottom of this pic a list of all other photo of this member that has been rated... So, if i take the same exemple, i will show the photo that rated 9 and below, in small thumbnail the 2 other pics that rated 8 and 7.. after i will continue to with the next result... maybe 8.9 ... or other.. I thought to every row, to query to get other photo of the actual user.... but it will query a lot of time the server.. so i dont think it's the best way.... Can you please give me a hint! Note: i have 1 table 'Photos' and every photo have his own row(id,path, rate.....) thanks for you help Pascal
  2. i wanna start designin an index.html page and this is the first time im doing it , i want to cut the page elements into a bunch of div tags then filling them with whatever i want later , i just want to know what im doing wrong and what right and how to make the code work for any screen size ! any comment about the code will be helpful cuz i want to move on and fill everything and i dont want to make some big mistake now ! index_off.html index_off.css
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