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Found 3 results

  1. hello dear folks good evening dear PHP-Freaks, well i am not sure if this question fits here - in miscellaneous. but i am pretty sure that many many calc and excel-experts are here in this great forum. what is aimed: want to create a calendar - with 365-chunks that are imported into a caleandar form see some ideas where i can import this i posted the example-calc spreassheet that i want to import. note it has got 365 lines - for 365 days of the next year 2015 what needs to be done ; whats needs to be achieved: i need to impoort the example into the calendar form. see some of the examples -.. if i am able to import the texts (of the collumn ) in a writer or word document each line of the calc needs to get on a sheed of the word or writer. i need to know how to arrange this export of calc into the writer document. if i need to explain it more thoroughiy - just let me know! greetings you matze see some examples of calendar templates Blank daily calendar - Templates Daily lesson planner (color, landscape) - Templates note: all i need to know is to be able to export from calc to any word or calc document... see the attached sample below... 2015_sample_version_.ods.zip
  2. hello dear php-experts, the question of the day - how to find a file with a certain text - the commands below do not help here .... the are good but they do not open the file find . | xargs grep "texthere" * grep -r "texthere" . grep -r "a target="_blank"" find ./ -type f | xargs grep "foo" hmm - well i guess that the grep command will help here. well i want to do a seach recursively - through all files in a folder. And i want to open fhe file - after it is found. How can we do this!? love to hear from you
  3. How to convert following perl scripts to php.... my ( $ServiceSet, $Service ); eval { $ServiceSet = Win32::OLE->GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\\\.\\root\\cimv2")-> ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE State=\"Running\""); }; unless ($@) { print "\n"; foreach $Service (in $ServiceSet) { print $Service->{Name}, "\n"; if( $Service->{Description} ) { print " $Service->{Description}\n"; } else { print " <No description>\n"; } print " Process ID: ", $Service->{ProcessId}, "\n"; print " Start Mode: ", $Service->{StartMode}, "\n"; print "\n"; } } Above code shows running services from win32_service that i`m taken from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394418%28v=vs.85%29.aspx... Please help.. i want to display running services and display it in table form??? Thank You...
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