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Found 7 results

  1. I made a post a while back about this topic here: and I've clarified a few things with my friend. 1. The input from the project will be coming from a mobile app which will be using a qr code. The qr code contains the Room Number and the 2 Access Points for each room. When a user scans the qr code it will pass that info to the web app that has the algorithm and verify what room he/she is in the access point that was 'scanned'. 2. For the testing of the project we decided to use two rooms of the building of our alma mater and the access points were already defined based on tests: Room 413 has Access Point 1 that have the values of -67 dBm to -89 dBm and Access Point 2 that have the values of -40 dbm to -57 dBm while Room 415 has Access Point 1 that have the values of -30 dBm to -46 dBm and Access Point 2 that have the values of -75 dBm to -100 dBm 3. I already inputted the values and the rooms I've mentioned above in mysql to verify if the input from the qr code that was scanned it correct. but sadly we are stuck with the algorithm itself.
  2. I am testing to see if PHP variables can pass from previous page to present page to login, I notice it doesn't work in MySQL query from previous to present page. It is like using ID to pass the variable in link like this: "?id=" in link, but I am using submit button. I typed name="user" in previous page, that should pass variable to present, then set up the select in database, but it doesn't do that, what i did do wrong? if ($_POST['submitted']) { $username = $_POST['user']; $password = $_POST['pass']; if ($username && $password) { $log = "SELECT username, password, type FROM username WHERE username = '".$username."' AND WHERE password = '".$password."'"; $result = mysqli_query($Garydb, $log) or die("could not work"); echo "<p>".$result['username']."</p>"; } } Also, I wonder about two query in one sentence, like using 'AND' on sentence, will it works? Please advise me. Thank you in advance time. Gary P.S. how do you type in chart like notepad++ in here? I need to know how to do that, so I show you in number line that you can point much easier to read.
  3. So I have a simple script that adds and returns mysql data without refreshing the page. Everything works as it should. The only issue that I've noticed is that if I login as a user and insert a record(text) the FIRST time, it won't return that record in the row below. Not until I refresh the page. Now if I delete that record and insert a new record, it will then automatically return the record without the page refresh, as it should. Can you tell me why this is happening? Here is my js code. <script> $(document).ready(function(){ var recordId = $("#record-id").val(); function showRecord(){ $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "bid-actions.php", data: "recordId="+recordId+"&action=showRecord", success:function(data){ $(".show-records").html(data); } }); } showRecord(); $(document).on('click','#record-submit',function() { var message = $("#message").val(); var recordId = $("#record-id").val(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "bid-actions.php", data: "message="+message+"&recordId="+recordId+"&action=insertRecord", success:function(data){ showRecord(); $("#message").val(''); } }); }); }); </script> Html code. <div id="record-submit-form"> <input type="hidden" id="record-id" value="<?php echo $record_id; ?>"> <textarea id="message"></textarea> <input type="button" id="record-submit" value="Submit"> </div> <div class="show-records"> </div>
  4. I have researched all over forums from past day. Not getting correct solution. I have 2 textboxes and a button. First box is to enter value and i will click button, i need to get the value. Here is the code, that works without input box 1 In this code i want to modify my web address, at the end after ky= i want add my first textbox value, then click event and output in second textbox, let me know where i messed. <script type="text/javascript"> function Assign() { <?php $html = file_get_contents("http://geoportaal.maaamet.ee/url/xgis-ky.php?ky=79401:006:0812" ); preg_match_all('(<li.*?>.*?</li>)', $html, $matches); $one=$matches[0][0]; ?> document.getElementById("OutputField").value = "<?=$one?>"; } </script> <input id="InputField" type="text" style="width:200px"/> <input type="submit" value="Assign Value" onclick="Assign()"/> <input id="OutputField" type="text" style="width:200px"/>
  5. Hello every body actually i'm going to create a chat script and i need some idea... suppose two persons ( x and y ) are chatting together... I want to create two different different backgrouns for those messages.. Like x's messages are shown in dark div background and y's background is light..... How can i acheive this... I just need the idea..... Thank u in advance....
  6. Hi, Ive got this form: Im using this to store my selections of a form in sessions so they can be recalled if the user goes back to another page of the form. The problem i have is it always has to have 1 selection, If i tick Jam, then untick Jam and tick butter that works fine, But if i uncheck everything then it doesn't clear the array. It always has to have at least 1 entry in the array for some reason? foreach($_POST as $key => $value) { $_SESSION[$key] = $value; } This is the checkbox code im using: <inputtype="checkbox name="<?php echo $course_menuname."extras[]"; ?>" <?php if(in_array("$extraitems", $_SESSION[$course_menuname.'extras'])) { echo "checked"; } ?> value="<?php echo $extraitems; ?>" id="checkbox"> These are the variables: $extraitems contains the "Toast Extras" words, such as Jam, Butter and Flora $course_menuname contains the course such as "breakfast_cereal", "breakfast_toast" then if it has the word extra it does checkbox underneath.
  7. I am working on this script to populate a dropdown list from the SQL server express database but each time i run the script i get these errors. I am honestly really new with sqlserv syntax Here is my script
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