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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a data analysis system which, however, takes too long to insert data into the db. Can you help me understand where I went wrong? thank you DB MYSQL: 1 analytics_number bigint(20) AUTO_INCREMENT 2 visitor_visitor_id varchar(50) utf8mb4_general_ci 3 visitor_session_id varchar(50) utf8mb4_general_ci 4 visitor_pageview_id varchar(50) utf8mb4_general_ci 5 visitor_visitor_sessions bigint(20) 6 visitor_visitor_session bigint(20) 7 visitor_visitor_pageviews bigint(20) 8 visitor_visitor_pageview bigint(20) 9 visitor_visitor_time bigint(20) 10 visitor_visi
  2. hello everyone, I have a php form, everything works, I do not carry any header() at the end of the form because I have to stay on the same page and because I feel it wipes out the message you sent the form successfully, but for this though if reloading the page shows me the popup asking me to resend the form. how can i solve? I found a function in js with replacestate but I saw that it doesn't work with mobile Safari. if ( window.history.replaceState ) { window.history.replaceState( null, null, window.location.href ); }
  3. Hi, I have been detecting POST submits as below if(isset($_POST['someindex']) && $_POST['someindex']==="somevalue"){ .. } which I know should be replaced by if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=== "POST"){ ... } So I changed it in entirety in my project and on testing found that there are conflicts. Now my main file has a slider with a login and logoff button. and then when the user is logged in it includes the user page, which in turn keeps including other pages . So if there are many buttons on those pages, it can result in a conflict as I found out. I wish to conf
  4. I have a timeclock application where you can add entries into a table. One of the columns is a <select> dropdown tag. If you do not enter one of the required fields, I redisplay the values entered so the user can correct the entries and resubmit to save them. Everything saves (posts) except the <select> dropdown value. The dropdown does show properly, even with the properly selected value. But if you change the value, it doesn't update. It retains the original value. Here is the function from STOP_Timeclock.php class that does the form: public function add_entries_page
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