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Found 5 results

  1. Hello i need help to make a product display page from xml file .... any one who can help me thanks i got an xml file products.xml <PRODUCT> <PRODUCTS_NAME>Name of the product</PRODUCTS_NAME> <PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION>Details of the products.</PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION> <PRODUCTS_IMAGE>1111.jpg</PRODUCTS_IMAGE> <PRODUCTS_PRICE>44$</PRODUCTS_PRICE> </PRODUCT> ok i used this code to get information of all the product name on the page <?php $xml=simplexml_load_file("products.xml") or die("Error: Cannot create object"); foreach($xml->children() as $products) { echo $products->PRODUCTS_NAME. "<br>"; } ?> its show all product name line by line ok so all i want to show full product one by one ... For example ( Product image | then product name | Then product price | Then product details ) Thanks for your help in advanced waiting for your answers
  2. I'm writing some classes right now for a website with a shopping cart. There are all kinds of classes, Blog, Cart, Product, Database, etc. I am trying to make a design choice about where to store the requested quantity for a particular product. I feel like it should NOT go into the Product class, because the requested quantity does not semantically relate to any of the standard product detail. I was considering maybe setting the quantity property of the product instance, to the requested quantity, once it is put into the cart. For some reason my instinct says no, that it should be abstracted out, perhaps into the Cart class. If that is the case, how do you couple the requested quantity with the requested object? As array key/value pair? Is there another class it could go into? Does anyone have practical experience to shed some light on this?
  3. <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['cart']=array(); include("config.php"); ?> <?php $query=mysql_query("select * from answers"); while($result=mysql_fetch_array($query)) { ?><a href="m.php?cart=<?php echo $result['answer']; ?>&hello=yes"><?php echo $name= $result['answer'];?></a><br /><?php } if (isset($_REQUEST['hello'])) { $prod_id=$_REQUEST['cart']; array_push($_SESSION['cart'],$prod_id); } ?> <?php foreach($_SESSION['cart'] as $value) { echo $value; ?><br /><?php } ?> thanks..
  4. Hi, I am having a problem that I was hoping someone here would be able to assist me with. Basically its for an online shop. Some of the products have special offers on them when the number of customer reach up to a perticaulal number.I have two tables in my database. One to hold the information about the product, and one to hold the information about user price quote table. 1.Product table(retailer table) price | no.of customers | Offer1 |no.of custmers | offer2 $200 | 10 | $100 | 5 | $90 2.Quote(User table) Price | High | Low $200 | $400 | $80 The number of users who have registered for a product reaches the number limit set by the retailer, i.e. 10, then the new offer is $100, i need to sent out this new offer to the users. I have to get the count of customers whos price range of the product is equal to the product price in the product table.Then i need to comapre this count to no.of customers and if it matches i need to set the offer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am making an eCommerce-solution at this URL: http://skaugsport.effektivhjemmeside.no I am using Wordpress 3.4.2, the "Elegant Themes"-theme Boutique 2.5. and the shopping cart plugin from http://www.getshopped.com, WP e-Commerce Here is my problem: The store has about 110 product categories if you add up all the main and sub categories. When i am using the menu-option in Wordpress admin-panel i am not able to save my menu when it exceeds about 60 menu items. The saving process fails, and mye menu is set back to how i looked last time i was able to save. I have narrowed it down to beeing about 58–64 menu items that is the limit. I haved talked to my ISP about solving this problem by setting a longer allowed save time before the servers cancel the action (this is a field i know nothing about, but i googled up this as a probable solution). The answer was that this could not be done/allowed due to safty issues. The tip they gave me thoug was to hardcode a PHP-code that wrote out all my product categories directly for me and not use the Wordpress menu system. I was wondering if anyone can help me out, as i do not know how to code this in PHP. I need the PHP-code that outputs mye product categories and subcategories with names and URLs so that i can make a menu of them, and style it using CSS. The product categories are not the "same" as the Wordpress default post categories. The product categories are an addition you get by using the WP e-Commerce plugin, so the code would need to target thoose categories, not Wordpress default. Anyone able to help me out? Anders
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