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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So I have an array var playlist = new Array(); And in it I have songs as so: playlist[0] = 'Avicii - Levels'; playlist[1] = 'Song'; playlist[2] = 'Song'; playlist[3] = 'Song'; playlist[4] = 'Song'; playlist[5] = 'Song'; playlist[6] = 'Song'; playlist[7] = 'Song'; playlist[8] = 'Song'; playlist[9] = 'Song'; playlist[10] = 'Song'; Now I'm not an expert at MySQL so I was wondering if there would be an easier way to do this with MySQL instead if adding playlist[number] = 'Song"; after every line. It would search the MySQL database for a column named songs and it would automatically put them into the array 'playlist'. Also code examples or a finished product would be VERY helpful! Thanks
  2. so i found a pdo class to connect to mysql with pdo and looks easy to customize however i have an error that i can't figure it out class <?php class ApplicationResourcePool { static var $_dbHandle; // line 5 private static $_dbConfig = array( 'dsn' => 'mysql:dbname=vax', 'username' => 'vax', 'password' => 'veryrandpasswd', ); public static getDbHandle(){ if(self::$_dbHandle == null){ self::$_dbHandle = new PDO( self::$_dbConfig['dsn'] , self::$_dbConfig['username'], self::$_dbConfig['password'] ); } return self::$_dbHandle; } } class StockMapper { protected $_dbh; public __construct($dbh = null) { if($dbh == null){ $this->_dbh = ApplicationResourcePool::getDbHandle(); } else { $this->_dbh = $dbh; } } public getStockById($stockId){ $sth=$this->_dbh->prepare("SELECT * from stock WHERE id = :stockId"); $sth->bindParam(":stockId", $stockId); $sth->execute(); $result = $sth->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); return $result[0]; } } $stockMapper = new StockMapper(); $stockData = $stockMapper->getStockById('302'); ?> Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'var' (T_VAR), expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) in /path/index.php on line 5 i really don't know what to do
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