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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys Just to ask if do you know any code or module pluigin that i can have like this in my screenshot? (i attached it) thanks Please help i am using CMS - Wordpress, Joomla and even Drupal can any one please help me? thanks and Advance
  2. Is it possible to insert form data to a Mysql database and print to email a printable document and not just the standard email listing the fields of a web form? ie " looks like the actual document we ultimately want to print?"
  3. Hey, Xyphon here. I have known PHP now for over 5 years and I have been freelancing on and off for about 3. I've created many websites and am capable of doing nearly anything that PHP can do. I am experienced with MySQL and databases as well. I'm not much of a "designer" but I can design your website if you'd like as well. I also have some basic knowledge in JavaScript and jquery. I work for fairly cheap comparatively speaking and am pretty flexible as well. If you need to contact me either shoot me a pm or email me at dbgt525@gmail.com Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for some web based ideas that I could develop for my last year of university. Any ideas? It could be web app or just a website, but it has to have some sort of database logic behind it.
  5. I want to ask you some thing, I hope you can help me, I have uploaded my website as activebiz.in, you may have a look.. Suppose I have 3 website on my web-space, 1] activebiz.in 2] abc123.in 3] abc2345.in Please understand that activebiz, abc123 and abc2345 are 3 folders that have been placed in www folder in webspace. how to place the website files of all the 3 websites so that when I access [1], it must access files belonging to activebiz folder in www folder only. I just type activebiz.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/activebiz/index.php....... if I want to access abc123.in, it must access files belonging to abc123 folder in www folder only. I just type abc123.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/abc123/index.php....... if I want to access abc2345.in, it must access files belonging to abc2345 folder in www folder only. I just type abc2345.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/abc2345/index.php....... Please tell the solution soon............ Warm Regards
  6. Fairly new to html, php etc. I can create rudimentary forms but now I'm trying to add multiple records at a time. How do I make the following a variable? I'd like to have this as my insert... $sql = "INSERT INTO `somedb` ( `ffid` , `email` , `sku`) VALUES ( $somenewvariable )"; Where $somenewvariable equals this; ' ', 'email1@gmail.com', '408'), (' ', 'email2@example.com', '400'), (' ', 'email3@example.com', '412' I'm missing something very basic, ie back slashes! The variable is turning into something like this; \'\', \'email1@gmail.com\', \'408\'), (\'\', \'email2@gmail.com\', \'400\'
  7. Hi guys! I am new here. I am having problems with my site that I am developing. Could you help me how to fix it. This is the complete error statement, Fatal error: Call to undefined method dbConnection::query() inC:\xampp\htdocs\koa\classes\class.ManageUsers.php on line 20. I am using PHP, and MySQL in an Object Oriented way. Here is the code in the class.ManageUsers.php that the error is pointing to. I will put the whole function here: function LoginUsers($username,$password){ $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'"); $num_rows = $this->link->fetchRows(); return $num_rows; } The line 20 is: $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'"); Also the construct function here: function __construct(){ $this->db = new dbConnection(); $this->db->connect(); } The dbConnection class is this: class dbConnection{ protected $db_conn, $_query, $_numRows, $_fetchAll; public $db_name = '******'; public $db_user = '******'; public $db_pass = '******'; public $db_host = '******'; function connect(){ $this->db_conn = mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass); mysql_select_db($db_name, $this->db_conn); if(mysql_errno($this->db_conn){ return mysql_error($this->db_conn); } else{ return $this->db_conn; } } public function query($sql){ $this->_query = mysql_query($sql, $this->db_conn); $this->_numRows = mysql_num_rows($this->_query); $this->_fetchAll = mysql_fetch_array($this->_query); } } ?> Thanks!
  8. Hey guys this has been asked before and i was wondering what technics you guys use for displaying dynamic content. Basicly when a link is clicked it would send you to www.explample.com/?page=new How would i check in php and display the page with that article. if issset() page $name{ include ('includes/$name' . '.php') else echo page does not exist Ya i know shoot me for the most horrible example but im doing this from my iphone right now !! Any help greatly apreciated
  9. webslavery Services Provides the Freelancing web design service at low-cost with the aim of each company, business, person get their own website and expand their business Our Services: Website designing,Website re-designing,Logo designing,ID card designing,Broucher designing,Template designing,User interface designing Our Portfolio: Please Visit Website We also provide Online Web designing training with live projects interest people For more Details Contact : Contact No: India:+91 8897931177,+91 9030361564 web : http://www.webslavery.com/
  10. Howdy, I just started experimenting with Goutte - found here on Github: https://github.com/f...ore-information I followed the examples almost exactly but here is my code anyways: <?php require_once 'goutte.phar'; use Goutte\Client; $client = new Client(); $crawler = $client->request('GET','http://www.cnn.com/'); $nodes = $crawler->filter('.error_list'); if ($nodes->count()) { // die(sprintf("Authentication error: %s\n", $nodes->text())); } // This part of the code I havent even changed yet being I can't get passed this problem :/ printf("Nb tasks: %d\n", $crawler->filter('nb_tasks')->text()); ?> Here is what is displayed on the page when running the php code: ????????G?? Fatal error: Class 'Goutte\Client' not found in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/scrape.php on line 7. I have used PHP in the past but im a bit rusty, my apologies if it is something simple. I checked the Github issues and their doesn't appear to be any issues related to the problem I am currently having. I have the goutte.phar file in the same directory as the file with the code above so I am unsure why the fatal error is occurring on not finding the Client class? Thanks for the help!
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