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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys Just to ask if do you know any code or module pluigin that i can have like this in my screenshot? (i attached it) thanks Please help i am using CMS - Wordpress, Joomla and even Drupal can any one please help me? thanks and Advance
  2. webslavery Services Provides the Freelancing web design service at low-cost with the aim of each company, business, person get their own website and expand their business Our Services: Website designing,Website re-designing,Logo designing,ID card designing,Broucher designing,Template designing,User interface designing Our Portfolio: Please Visit Website We also provide Online Web designing training with live projects interest people For more Details Contact : Contact No: India:+91 8897931177,+91 9030361564 web : http://www.webslavery.com/
  3. Is it possible to insert form data to a Mysql database and print to email a printable document and not just the standard email listing the fields of a web form? ie " looks like the actual document we ultimately want to print?"
  4. Hey, Xyphon here. I have known PHP now for over 5 years and I have been freelancing on and off for about 3. I've created many websites and am capable of doing nearly anything that PHP can do. I am experienced with MySQL and databases as well. I'm not much of a "designer" but I can design your website if you'd like as well. I also have some basic knowledge in JavaScript and jquery. I work for fairly cheap comparatively speaking and am pretty flexible as well. If you need to contact me either shoot me a pm or email me at dbgt525@gmail.com Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I am looking for some web based ideas that I could develop for my last year of university. Any ideas? It could be web app or just a website, but it has to have some sort of database logic behind it.
  6. I want to ask you some thing, I hope you can help me, I have uploaded my website as activebiz.in, you may have a look.. Suppose I have 3 website on my web-space, 1] activebiz.in 2] abc123.in 3] abc2345.in Please understand that activebiz, abc123 and abc2345 are 3 folders that have been placed in www folder in webspace. how to place the website files of all the 3 websites so that when I access [1], it must access files belonging to activebiz folder in www folder only. I just type activebiz.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/activebiz/index.php....... if I want to access abc123.in, it must access files belonging to abc123 folder in www folder only. I just type abc123.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/abc123/index.php....... if I want to access abc2345.in, it must access files belonging to abc2345 folder in www folder only. I just type abc2345.in in URL and it gets redirected automatically to /www/abc2345/index.php....... Please tell the solution soon............ Warm Regards
  7. Fairly new to html, php etc. I can create rudimentary forms but now I'm trying to add multiple records at a time. How do I make the following a variable? I'd like to have this as my insert... $sql = "INSERT INTO `somedb` ( `ffid` , `email` , `sku`) VALUES ( $somenewvariable )"; Where $somenewvariable equals this; ' ', 'email1@gmail.com', '408'), (' ', 'email2@example.com', '400'), (' ', 'email3@example.com', '412' I'm missing something very basic, ie back slashes! The variable is turning into something like this; \'\', \'email1@gmail.com\', \'408\'), (\'\', \'email2@gmail.com\', \'400\'
  8. Hi guys! I am new here. I am having problems with my site that I am developing. Could you help me how to fix it. This is the complete error statement, Fatal error: Call to undefined method dbConnection::query() inC:\xampp\htdocs\koa\classes\class.ManageUsers.php on line 20. I am using PHP, and MySQL in an Object Oriented way. Here is the code in the class.ManageUsers.php that the error is pointing to. I will put the whole function here: function LoginUsers($username,$password){ $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'"); $num_rows = $this->link->fetchRows(); return $num_rows; } The line 20 is: $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password'"); Also the construct function here: function __construct(){ $this->db = new dbConnection(); $this->db->connect(); } The dbConnection class is this: class dbConnection{ protected $db_conn, $_query, $_numRows, $_fetchAll; public $db_name = '******'; public $db_user = '******'; public $db_pass = '******'; public $db_host = '******'; function connect(){ $this->db_conn = mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass); mysql_select_db($db_name, $this->db_conn); if(mysql_errno($this->db_conn){ return mysql_error($this->db_conn); } else{ return $this->db_conn; } } public function query($sql){ $this->_query = mysql_query($sql, $this->db_conn); $this->_numRows = mysql_num_rows($this->_query); $this->_fetchAll = mysql_fetch_array($this->_query); } } ?> Thanks!
  9. Howdy, I just started experimenting with Goutte - found here on Github: https://github.com/f...ore-information I followed the examples almost exactly but here is my code anyways: <?php require_once 'goutte.phar'; use Goutte\Client; $client = new Client(); $crawler = $client->request('GET','http://www.cnn.com/'); $nodes = $crawler->filter('.error_list'); if ($nodes->count()) { // die(sprintf("Authentication error: %s\n", $nodes->text())); } // This part of the code I havent even changed yet being I can't get passed this problem :/ printf("Nb tasks: %d\n", $crawler->filter('nb_tasks')->text()); ?> Here is what is displayed on the page when running the php code: ????????G?? Fatal error: Class 'Goutte\Client' not found in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/scrape.php on line 7. I have used PHP in the past but im a bit rusty, my apologies if it is something simple. I checked the Github issues and their doesn't appear to be any issues related to the problem I am currently having. I have the goutte.phar file in the same directory as the file with the code above so I am unsure why the fatal error is occurring on not finding the Client class? Thanks for the help!
  10. Hey guys this has been asked before and i was wondering what technics you guys use for displaying dynamic content. Basicly when a link is clicked it would send you to www.explample.com/?page=new How would i check in php and display the page with that article. if issset() page $name{ include ('includes/$name' . '.php') else echo page does not exist Ya i know shoot me for the most horrible example but im doing this from my iphone right now !! Any help greatly apreciated
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