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Okay I voted OK.




1) The "How Do I Play" button. The writing is around the wrong way. I read left-to-right, you have the "How" on the right side. You should switch it around because it makes it extremely awkward (well for me it does).

2) The banner sort of just starts, then ends. It doesn't really have anything to put it in place. It looks nice and all but its just sitting there.

3) That font that you are using for the things like "Register" and "TOS" looks out of place as well. I find it ugly.

4) The stats box hangs half way out of the container box. In fact, a lot of things hang out of it. It appears to be an image with text and stuff on top, looks pretty bad. Perhaps code it a bit better.


I didn't actually register and go right into it but those are things on the "surface" that I noticed.

Some other things you might consider are validating your website, as this will result in a better cross-browser website.


Good luck with it.

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Sorry but as projectfear said, im not registering!


1. as fear said the "how do i play" button is kinda hidden in the top corner, plus why whould i have to watch a video carnt you write a few instrutions saying how to play? (i know most just mess about then learn)

2. copyright is in the wrong place should always be at the bottom of the page

3. why do i have "half price credit week blah blah" over forgot password?

4. images, text, and colour aint fantastic!


Without a demo account canna give more info sorry!


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Im sorry but this a complete copy of another game that has been here for 4 years called www.gangparadise.com .


The only thing i can say is good work on php but next time don't take someone elses html. All you have done is tweaked the html.

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its made with stolen scripts from Gangparadise.com, same as the other cloned games using them.


"All Scripts and images Copyright to Lock Down City. " not really true is it if you dont have permission from the original programmer to use his script?


i understand why people use them, its a good place to start for the novice and a short cut to having a game, but its disrespectful to the original programmer when you go on his game and advertise your clone to try and steal players.

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-The top nav is a little big and in your face.

-When you register if your input is too long it overwrites the "LDC" and looks weird.

-The registration content runs off the black container.

-If you input something invalid in the registration is doesn't re-populate your info.

-Registration should redirect to the starting page or w/e you have instead of saying Gangsta Made.

-Went to buy some drugs and never got them


Haven't gone through the whole site but it seems pretty buggy.  I think it's a cool idea, even though there are many games like this.

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