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An employee at the data center that houses the servers went crazy and destroyed all the servers and then committed suicide.  Freaky stuff.  Anyways, so we lost everything and had to start over.

He's kidding. Crazy stuff, CV.


He was really kidding, yes?

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That's not true.  We still have backups.  They were outdated and we felt it was better to replace and rewrite than to restore them.  There are currently several in the development stages.  Just be patient.

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We know very little about his family.  However, I personally talked to him over skype on several occasions.  His name was Abet Imar Maakin Tisupp (there's squiggly lines on some of those letters but my keyboard doesn't do that sort of thing). He came to America from a small village between Kabull and Shitalabad, Afghanistan, shortly after that whole "liberation" from Tali ban incident, circa 9/11. 


He never really talked about his family, but he did have a tone of sadness in his voice when mentioning his home country, as if his village no longer exists, or something.  IDK, I didn't really try to push him on the subject; not really my business. 


He did have a habit of randomly shouting in whatever Arabic dialog he natively spoke.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say he had some sort of tourette syndrome.  But it was always accompanied by loud banging noises like he was kicking things or something, so I dunno... coulda just been frustrated with his job or his lot in life or something.



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