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please give me feedback


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A few things:

[*]Lose the bouncing marquee at the bottom of the page. It looks ugly.
[*]Something could be made of the header, the logo is rather large. Perhaps combine it with the photos underneath to make it a bit more catching?
[*]The main links along the top (Home, About Us, News, etc.) could be made a little nicer than just text, perhaps buttons or CSS tabs?
[*]You need some padding on the Entry Forms part on the left.
[*]On the left and the right columns, the black doesnt really work, it should be a little softer such as #CCCCCC or #EEEEEE and darker fonts.
[*]You have used a few different fonts and font colours, try and limit to to around 3 (maybe the yellow and blue only).

Hope that helps.

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Same with all of the above.

1) Lose the marquees... they're outdated and provide no value to the site.
2) The layout is distracting and disjointed.  Go with a lighter shade of blue for your background areas and be consistent with it... the black behind the nav doesn't go well with blue and the color contrast is very boring.  Try using a real color scheme generator (you can find one in the Resources thread at the top of this board).
3) TOO MANY GRAPHICS!  Your initial page load is > 600kb!  Even on a T1 that's far too much!  drop some of the images or at least reduce their size (disk size, not width/height).
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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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