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So I was thinking, this would be a really cool feature to have, especially if it could be displayed in like a floating div on the page or something if enabled:





That way you could store snippets of commonly posted issues, like the error_reporting etc and have easy access to them. Even if you have to go to the profile page to use it, I think it would still be handy.


Not sure if this was brought up before, but yea (I searched for notepad /memo pad with no results) :) Just thought of that idea and thought it might be cool.

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I just used the bookmark mod, it's got a little problem in its front end, when it added my topic is displayed;


PHP Freaks Forums > PHP Freaks Information > PHPFreaks.com Questions, Comments, & Suggestions > Topic: Remember Pad


the running nav twice (not the one aboce, but just wanted to see)


And yea, notes.... I used it in a social site once, vary rarely used...


Also, when I'm on this site I tend to have a lot of pages of code open so can usually find everything I want.

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... there are about a million reasons why this will never be installed.  Isn't this why we did the bookmark mod??



I do not know....I just thought it might cool. I will take a look at the bookmark mod, I guess I never really looked into it. I just figured it added a bookmark to your favorites in the browser. I will take a look at that.


Anyhow, just a suggestion, it sounded good at the time ;)



I was actually looking at the new features of my GMail and that was one of them. Anyhow I will probably just find a 3rd party app to do this for me, thanks!

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