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Add to favorites in application


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I'm building an application, I wanted to add the ability of the user to favorite stuff. What is good way to go about storing the favorite data? I'm thinking here, making a table for each user is not a good idea, I really trying think how sites like Youtube do this without scaling issues,  would you save all their favorites in an Array and serialize it in the 1 row along with their username? Then when you need just unserislize and it and iterate over it, Is that how places like Youtube does it?


or create 1 big table dump for all favorite of everybody and just have it sorted from userid=>user recursion?



id + user_id + favorite_id


THen just do

SELECT favorite_id FROM favorites where user_id=$userid

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I'd just have a table called favorites with two fields: user_id and stuff_id.


So you think that would scale?  I wonder how say Youtube handles it, imagine they million of users, with each say 100 favorites, that would be potntional hundreds of millions of row in a table. I dont see it working. Maby on a small scale.

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