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Webmin - Local Server Mgt.


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I use something very custom on my (once working) main *nix server, I use IPCop and a custom webadministration tool that is based off what is provided on it, although SSH is a fun thing.


+1  for that app, I'll install it next time I bother to get another running.

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I prefer to manage server the old fashion way via shell access. Most of these gui applications end up making a mess of the configuration files if at any time you need to make customizations.


The Debian developers themselves have made Apache very easy to manage.

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I've had a quick play with it before one someone elses server, but couldn't really see the benefit. Like thorpe, I just do everything via the shell.


I'd have to agree that (the secure shell part of what I used in my other post) is the only thing I use for automation, If I'm lazy and am on a Windows laptop without too much resources (or lack thereof) to SSH, I'd find a webmin-like interface something I'd have to stick with, albeit IP-cop's shell like web interface is better for what i'm specifically doing (network/authentication tasks, not anything that shell would allow).

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