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http://www.ibitpu.edu.pk/ website upgradation


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The home page induces motion sickness - there's vertically scrolling imagery at right, moving imagery at left, a news section that's scrolling up, and a marquee scrolling horizontally.  Devoting almost half of the page vertical space to the flash header is a bad idea.

Lose the flash; lose the marquee.

The top right links are black on blue when the mouse in on them, i.e. unreadable. The quick links change to light on white when you mouse near them, i.e. unreadable.  There is a large blank space at the bottom of some pages which serves no purpose.

All of those problems can be easily fixed - and should be.
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I hate that website.

1.  Everything is moving, all at the same time, all over hte screen.

2.  Flash is good but what you have done is just borderline annoying.

3.  It is the slowest loading site, I have ever encountered in my entire life.
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I have to agree with Andy. All his points are valid.

My €0,02:

On a more positive note: The navigation is perfect. I don't agree with the colours on mouseover for the topmenu and the sidemenu is too wide, one top menuitem's text doesn't fit too well, but from a Information Architectural standpoint I can find nothing wrong with it. VERY good job.

I would choose to show something of relevance on the index (ACTUAL content).

These items serve very little pupose..

One more tip:

The headers on the index for sections 'why choose us' and 'News & Events' look VERY unappealling. Ditch those.

With some minor changes, you could have perfectly PROPER website. It has potential.
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