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select a row from array


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then why didn't you say you wanted each element rather than just selecting a specified 'row'?


you could use

$selectedRow = $array[2];
list($patientid, $forename, $surname], $dob) = $selectedRow;


[i don't like list() but thats just me...



$selectedRow = $array[2];
foreach( $selectedRow as $key => $val)
    $$key = $val;

The latter will produce variables of whatever your array indexes are called (provided they are not numeric - in which case it will fail miserably) so is in that sense a bit more robust.




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This code snippet came from a user comments:

function recursiveArraySearch($haystack, $needle, $index = null) 
    $aIt     = new RecursiveArrayIterator($haystack); 
    $it    = new RecursiveIteratorIterator($aIt); 
        if (((isset($index) AND ($it->key() == $index)) OR (!isset($index))) AND ($it->current() == $needle)) { 
            return $aIt->key(); 
    return false; 


To use with your situation (given that you define the function in your code:

$rowIndex = recursiveArraySearch($array, '2', 'patientid');


Side note:

I have no clue where toon was going at, but yea. I think he missed the point.

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It just states 'Array'


Well, duh! You said it was a multi-dimensional array and you wanted to select a row, i.e. one of the sub arrays. Be a little more specific in your requests and then there woul dbe no need for this post to require 6+ replies!


Well, there is always extract():


$index = 2;
echo "Patient ID: {$patientid}<br />\n";
echo "Forename: {$forename}<br />\n";
echo "Surname: {$surname}<br />\n";
echo "DOB: {$dob}<br />\n";



Patient ID: 2
Forename: Samue
Surname: Williams
DOB: 17/08/1985

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