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Allot of the time people using these 'third party scripts' do so because they don't know enough about php to write them themselves. This inevitably leads to these threads being allot more difficult to resolve becasue:


Firstly, you have an OP who doesn't know what there doing.

Secondly, there using code that they don't know the ins and outs of.

Thirdly, because of the reasons above its hard to get credible information from the OP or relevant code posted.


Basically, supporting 'third party scripts' sux, unless you know what your doing and your the one who is actually using the code.

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I dont have in mind to be rude or anything.. But im sure that the team that solves problems in php coding forum can solve problems in third party forums...if i knew that there are 2 teams i would post same problem in php coding...

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There isn't two teams. Its just that third party problems are generally harder to help with for the reasons I posted above.


If you posted your question in two boards, one would get removed as it is against our rules.

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And you would get same replies. If noone could help you in 'Third Party Scripts', noone would be able to help you in 'PHP Coding' either.


Besides, it would have likely been moved there, or to the 'Applications' board.

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Let me give you an analogy:


It's like not knowing a damn thing about fixing cars and asking a mechanic to walk you through fixing your car over the phone. 


Is it impossible? No.  But it is too hard for most people to bother trying to help with, esp if they are doing it for free. Even a noob coder trying to learn is either asking basic questions with basic code, or knows the basics and is asking about more complex code.  That's usually not the case with a non-coder asking for a fix with 3rd party scripts.

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No worries... that wasn't necessarily directed at you specifically, I was just trying to explain how it is with the 3rd Party forum in general. 


It is practically impossible to solve the problems asked there because when it comes to solving problems with code...well like for instance, you look at a snippet of code and some common, basic questions might be


"Where is $xyz coming from?"

"Where do you output $xyz?"

"What is the intent of xyz()?"



Most of these basic questions, the average poster cannot answer because it's some 3rd party script they know nothing about, don't really know how to code in general, etc... it's not that people are unwilling to help per se, it's just that most of the time it's simply impossible to help because solving the problem needs to be a 2-way street. 

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