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my problem is ive got a list of rows that associate a video id


select * from video where word_id IN(1,3)


Which returns


word_id      vid_id


1 864144

3 864144

3 864145

1 864146


Basically from this set i only want to return rows that have both numbers in this case vid_id 864144, im just not sure how to go about it

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modify your REGEX statement to look like this:

"WHERE $column REGEXP '[[:<:]]" . $number . "[[:>:]]' = 1"


Using "[[:<:]]" makes the engine look for non alphanumeric characters as word boundaries. It's pretty darn fast, and it should tear into those comma delimited columns without a problem... especially if they are indexed.

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One more quick question: Is there an alternative for IN() using REGEX


Currently i have:

select * from video WHERE id IN(2,7,18,19)


Not to the best of my knowledge, but I do have a php query builder class that parses search strings like:

this_is_treated_as_an_OR_string "this is a quote" +this_is_something_that_has_to_be_in_the_results -i_dont_want_this wildca%rd -"I don't want this quote in my results"


and automatically converts them into a regex string. It's a module in what will be an open source searching class I'm building that I can send you. That would obviously have way more functionality than you require, but it's a nice little bit of code.


I just whipped up a really basic interface to it here:


I can't guarantee that I'll have that up permanently.


I'd be happy to send you the code if you like. Otherwise, the style query that you are looking for is like this:

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `column` REGEXP '[[:<:]]or1[[:>:]]' = 1 OR `column` REGEXP '[[:<:]]or2[[:>:]]' = 1

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OK, because REGEX is doing the actual search i dont need to replace IN() because i can limit the amount to 30 items at a time. Its pretty fast on 50 Million rows it returning a set in 0.0006 secs


This is equivilant to "some words" in boolean

select id from video WHERE word_id REGEXP '[[:<:]]567,765[[:>:]]' = 1 limit 0, 30


This is equivilant to find rows that contain at least one of the two words in boolean

select id from video WHERE word_id REGEXP '[[:<:]](567|765)[[:>:]]' = 1 limit 0, 30


The final one i need is '+some +words' boolean equivilant aka match both numbers within the string, any suggestions?


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