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What's the quickest most efficient way to change date format??


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$date = '03-02-2011';
echo strtoupper(date('d-M-Y', strtotime($date)));


THis returns 31-DEC-1969 and that is definately not the date in teh $date variable.


I've tested that locally, and it works fine with php 5.2.11. What do you get if you echo your $date variable before passing it through the functions?

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I think this will serve best as to help me figure this out...



$start = $_GET['start']; //02-23-2011 is the date passed in this $_GET[];

//Convert dates to ORACLE format

$start2 = date_format($start, 'd-M-Y');
$end = strtoupper(date('d-M-Y', strtotime('today')));

echo $start;
echo " -=- ";
echo $end;

echo "<BR><BR>";

echo $start2; // Should be ORACLE FORMAT
echo " --- ";
echo $end;

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OK problem solved... i was passing 02-23-2011 which aparently confuses the heck out of php.. if i pass 23-02-2011 it works fine.

i guess the given format has to be month day year and no other way around it.

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