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Split a variable if it has a delimiter


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I am trying to split a variable only if it has an integer. Here is what I want to do:


$id = 1234-54678;


should be split into and then placed into two variables:


$id1 = 54678;

$id2 = 1234;


Sometimes the variable may not have a delimiter in which case I would like it to be $id1



$id = 54678;


should go directly to


$id1 = 54678;


I am a php rookie and don't know which way is best to do this (explode, split, etc.) so I would appreciate any help you can give me.

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Use strpos

$id = 1234-54678;
if (strpos($id, '-') !== false) {
  list($id1, $id2) = explode('-', $id);
} else {
  $id1 = $id;


Note the two equal-signs in the IF statement. strpos will return FALSE if the delimiter is not found; but it may also return zero (which would evaluate to false using !=) if the delimiter is at the beginning of the string.


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