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Simple  array_replace()  but it throwing an error, can anyone see what ive done wrong?


while($row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc( $res2 )){
		$title2 = "replace desc";

//$row2 prints array( l_desc => title )

$row2 = array_replace($row2, array('l_desc' => $title2));

	  $show[] = $row2;
}//end while


Fatal error: Call to undefined function array_replace() in .....


Im using PHP 5+

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If your using strings for the keys and not numbers, which I assume you are since your using mysql_fetch_assoc, then array_merge should accomplish the same thing as array_replace.


I assume you have more than just that one column to replace?  If not you'd probably be ahead to just do $row2['l_desc']=$title2;

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