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I think we need to enable the "Thank this User" or "Like This Post"


as in there is plenty of times someone from here helped me and in a professional manner, I would rather "Like" their post or thank their post.  Just a thought maybe? Would be pretty cool anyone else think so or nah?


I do send PM's to users sometimes like once a every month to personally thank them... but meh.. :o

Then we could have like a "Top Helpers" page, shows all the guru's that have helped people the most! HAHA be epic !

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Holy my bad.


Okay my new suggestion is like a "Top Helpers" Page that will show each guru or user that has been "Thanked" or "Liked" the most!  I think that is pretty neat.  It could be called like "Top PHP Guru's" or something, would be pretty awesome.


Im just throwing this out there though, if u don't like it, it's aight.

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yeah on IPB 3 it's custom coded with a Reputation Mod with +|- or like|dislike . also comes with option to limit votes within a 1 day period.



i am sure i am note the only one looking forward to IPB switch and the enabling of this mod.



Also i would like to request if this mod is enabled can we get rid of the auto title mod and just use the rep mod on IPB and generate different levels based on what others think of you and your work. i think it is a fair idea. :D

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