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Preg_Match For Html Tags


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ok I m using the following and it s working:


preg_match('/^[a-z0-9_\/a\-\<li\>(.*?)<\/li\>\ ]+$/i',$va1)


need to escape new line character cause m using a wysiwyg editor on a textarea apparently when i m submiting with new line it returns False...

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Jazzman: [^\n] matches everything that's not a newline character, exactly the opposite of what GD77 wanted.


GD77: Remove the caret from the newline character group, and it should match as you want it to. Here's it a bit cleaned up, and properly escaped for PHP strings too:

'#^[a-z0-9_/a+ -]+<li>(.*?)</li>[\\n\\r]+\\z#i'

Doing this cleanup I found another problem too, namely the fact that you've added the LI tag patter inside the character group. Which caused it to consider the individual characters as part of a group, not as a pattern you wanted matched. I've moved it outside for you, but without any example data I cannot know if this pattern matches what you want.


BTW: What's the escaped space after the closing LI-tag?

Edited by Christian F.
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Ah, my apology. You want to match new lines :happy-04:

$pattern = '/^[\n\r]?[a-z0-9_\/a\-\<li\>(.*?)<\/li\>\ ]+/i';
if(preg_match($pattern, $va1)){
echo 'true';
} else {
echo 'false';


@Christian, you pattern won't work, why are you using [\\n\\r] ?

Edited by jazzman1
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Unfortunately, the code posted by Jazzman only seems to be working. It has the same issues that I highlighted for your code, due to the grouping of the li-tags inside the square brackets. For all intents and purposes, this is exactly the same:

'#^[\\n\\r]?[\\w?./<>() *-]+#i'

Note that neither period, asterisk, question marks or parenthesis has any special meaning within a character group.


Now, if you want help to making something that actually matches what you want it to match, you need to post an example of the source data. As I requested above.

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