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Code Boxes Hard To Read

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What's wrong with the syntax highlighting?


$a = "foobar";
echo strrev($a);


edit: I guess the highlighting is kind of bare-bones, not as nice as plain old highlight_string. Also, what I do is usually save my viewing preferences for PHPF to be one size larger than standard. Hit ctrl+= (control plus the equals/plus key) to increase the size of the font on a page, then next time you visit that domain in chrome (and probably firefox) it will render slightly bigger.

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Personally I find the font-size to be perfect, though I do agree that the syntax highlighting could do with a bit more highlighting.

The biggest beef I have with the code boxes is the lack of a max-height, and the "Select all" link, from the previous forum. Saved a whole lot of scrolling, especially when the "Select all" link worked. :P

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