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Form Input Submit Sends $_Get Request


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I think I know the answer to this, but am hoping someone can help me.


Here is the button code:


<form action='writing.php' method='get'><input type='submit' class='sbmt' value='Journalism' name='lnk' /></form>


I want the button value to be "Journalism," but I would like it if the text sent in the $_GET request was shortened to four letters, for example 'jour'. I have other links like this one that have spaces in the text and I don't want that in my links.


My goal is to have a link that loads a new script and specifies a single four letter variable. I could use $_POST, but thought I would check with the experts and see if anyone had a suggestion that would work given the current set up.


Can anyone think of a way to make that happen?

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You'd need to use a JS that intercepted the POST, and rewrote the value.

Though, that said I don't see how this could ever be considered a good thing to do. You're only adding complexity to the whole process, and making it a lot more error prone. What happens if someone has deactivated, or cannot run JS, for example?


Far better to handle this on the server-side, and leave the URL as is, if you ask me.

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