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Newbie, need to move a field in script I've bought, help!


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My workplace have bought a script to run our online car sales (www.woodleighcars.co.uk), and I've been given the thankless task of setting it up because I know a bit of html! 


I've managed to get most of it done but am now pulling my hair out. The seller won't help.


On each advert there's an option to "Print Page" and all I want to do is when you select the print option and the printable page appears, its to move the "Price" field from the specifications table, next to the cars title at the top of the advert. I'll be honest, I've tried everything and my heads spinning. Can anyone help?





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If I understand correctly, "flyer.php" if your printable page. Open this page and go to line 151 and DELETE it:



"$frontend_labels[PRICE]" => "$default_currency$thou_sep",


This will remove the price for appearing if your specifications table. Now to add it to the title.


Go to line 84, you'll find:





REPLACE it with:



<h1>$row_array[1] $default_currency$thou_sep</h1>


Lastly, CUT line 137



$thou_sep = number_format($row_array[14]);


and PASTE it on line 81 (just above print ")


As you move code about, the line numbers above may change very slightly, so I've included the relevant code to look for.

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