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He changed it. Since he was not capable of removing the link, he just altered the contents of add.php to die.


So, I would assume he had a script to add records that should be secured in some manner and wasn't. Seems like it was probably a good thing that he did that. Will teach a lesson to always secure pages appropriately.

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More like not to post a link to your actual production server.


Real estate agencies have a rule where they do not publish (or only partly publish) real estate info to lure more interested parties (how that works, no idea). I am guessing the add.php, in some way, exposed/removed the properties they have.

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More like not to post a link to your actual production serve


If it is a production server - then it is already out there. If the data should not be publicly accessible then it needs to be secured behind a login or some other process. Obfuscation is never a replacement for security.

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