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Testing an email locally - Possible?


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Good morning,


I'm just thinking about my computer resources and I'm thinking I'm going to have to invest in a desktop to run all these extra programs.


Got many programs on a half decent laptop but it's starting to take it's toll in terms of performance. Would be very handy as I've spent the last 3 weeks in my new flat with no internet so it would have been very handy to have then as I was writing 2 email scripts at the time.


Can anyone link me to a page for cheap desktop computers and give me a price range of what's expensive and what's not as I'm a first time buyer.


I want add ons like Excel, Word, Outlook for work purposes and something which I can game on, but more importantly something I can develop on.


Thanks for your time.


Kind regards,



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Do you want to develop online? If so, your OS does not matter at all, it's probably just conventions you need to come up with - for example, I am using a school Mac right now with a Mac keyboard, and I find it quite unusual to type on it, I remember all they key codes but they're not even displayed on the keyboard.

Another thing is the locations of z and y, like, Germany uses qwertz, America uses qwerty, and I always get those two confused when I'm out of country.


If you are developing for operating systems like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu or MacOS, then I do actually recommend getting either Ubuntu or Linux, as those have the most support from developers for users (in my opinion, that is).

Also, Linux comes along with integrated Perl support, so if you want to use Perl without having to download anything, go for that.


In the end, it's all personal choice, and you are subject to your own preferences. I for example am so used to Windows systems that I wouldn't get anything else from Windows desktops.

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You don't need to have internet at home neither а home network to send emails locally.

Just install VmWare or VM Virtual Box by Sun software as Irate mentioned above, then install two linux distros inside this virtual box. Make a connection between them and simulate a real network.

You can create samba, ftp, http, mail servers and so on, so on... for your training purposes. That's all and free of charge :)

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