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Preg Replace Callback Help


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This is what I have originally, any help to get this translated to preg_replace_callback will be so much appreciated!

function addtemplateslashes($template)
	return "?".">".$template."<?php";
$template = preg_replace("/\?".">(\r*\n*.*)(<\?php|<\?)/esiU","addtemplateslashes('\\1')",$template);

And this is what I have so far with no luck.

	if (!function_exists('parseTagsRecursive')) {
		function parseTagsRecursive($template) 
			$regex = '#\/\?".">(\r*\n*.*)(<\?php|<\?)#';

			if (is_array($template)) {
				$template = $template[1];

			return preg_replace_callback($regex, 'parseTagsRecursive', $template);
$template = parseTagsRecursive($template);
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Heck, you don't even need callbacks for it at all. And don't worry about the ?>s: PHP's smart enough to know not to stop processing in the middle of a string.


And the only difference between the search and replacement string is using the long open tags, so don't bother searching for the long ones. To avoid matching [ic]<?php[/i], use a negative assertion: "there must not be a 'php' at this point".

$template = preg_replace("/\?>(\r*\n*.*)$1
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