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which php version to update to 5.5.x or 5.4.x from PHP 5.3.27

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i have PHP 5.3.27 installed on my server and i want to update the php to the latest stable version, i checked the php.net website i found that they release 5.5.x upgrade alongside 5.4.x upgrade, i'm a little confused about which one is the latest i thought it should be 5.5.x , so why the still release update for 5.4.x

so please which one i should update to, i don't have any restriction, i just want the best of the the 2

merry Christmas



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Not all versions are compatible with each other, thus different active and stable branches. 5.5.x is the latest, 5.4.x is the second-latest, and 5.6 is in development.


What version you upgrade to depends on your code: if you're running 5.3 without problems now then try 5.5.

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​It's really just semantics but 5.5 is the *current* version, everything else is considered an *old* version. There are stable releases of each.

i think you recommend me to upgrade to the  5.5 as it's the current latest, i just worried about some scripts are using the old mysql_ext , i can't update them, i hope if i disable the php error reporting, that would be enough to make the scripts work using that deprecated extension, and not showing the annoying error message

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