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How can i obtain better performance with this?


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Here is the deal, its a simple script.


1-read a site link from a sql table**(sql1)

2-mark the sql1 line as read

3-goes to the site and capture several pieces of data(i used curl)

4-modify the read data

5-writes the data in another sql(sql2)


So i did this with a few links, but i have to do this with 5~10 millions of links, what would be the better way to get performance and speed?

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You'll want to add some concurrency to the process. The easiest place would be in the downloading stage using a library such as Rolling-CURL to download several URLs at once.


If you're feeling adventurous then you could also look into pcntl_fork to create multiple processes which will process urls/results concurrently as well.

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