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How do I plug a tone generated by a function into a var?


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I have this function call I want tied directly into a var:

startTone( tone );

How would I tie it into a var similar to how I have this var created:

    audio = new Audio();
    audio.src = "sound.mp3";
    audio.loop = false;
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You want to store the result of calling startTone() in a variable?


var foo = startTone(tone);
The question however is, what does this function actually return?


Obviously, there is no way for us to know the answer to that.

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Would it be easier to grab the sounds from the whole page to manipulate them as I want to?

Your ability to describe your issue is non existent. This post makes zero sense, and your cryptic posts are nothing but frustrating.


I'm out.

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In JavaScript I'm trying to:

take a tone generated by a tone generator

manipulate the tone (the only thing that will be on the whole page for sound) in several ways at the same time

produce the tone in its manipulated form


What I understand:

the tone is generated by startTone( tone )

computer speaker manipulation


What I need to do:

make the product of startTone() manipulatable

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From what I can tell briefly looking at the script if you want to store the tone into a variable you need to create another generateTone function which will create a new oscillator object at the proper frequency. Eg:

function generateTone(context, frequency){
    var oscillator = context.createOscillator();
    oscillator.frequency.value = frequency;

    var amp = context.createGainNode();

    return { oscillator: oscillator, amp: amp };
That would create the oscillator and an associated amp object and return them. You'd then use the oscillator to alter the tone's frequency or the amp object to alter it's volume level. You could wrap that all up into a Tone object so that you'd just have to do something like

var tone = new Tone(context, 100);
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