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how to Insert calculate values to database


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I'm trying to insert calculate values to DB.this is my code



class cal{

public function insert($a,$b){


$sql = "INSERT INTO cropplant (sbetweenQ ,sbetweenC ,sbetweenTC ) VALUES ('$a', '$b', '$c')";
$query = mysql_query($sql);
			echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("DB Update error ! please Re-enter your details.");</script>'; 

			echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("New Cropplant Added Successfuly.");</script>'; 


echo"please enter all";


what is the error in this code.please help

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in general, you wouldn't put derived values into a database, but assuming your code is just an example/exercise, you didn't show us the code that's making an instance of your cal class and calling the ->insert() method.


also, you should not be using the msyql_ database functions because they are obsolete and will be removed in a future php version, which is interesting because at least one of your earlier threads in this forum was using the mysqli_ database functions.

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1. Not checking if the "a" and "b" POST values are present

2. Defining a class in a file alongside (I think?) regular code

3. Using variable names that have no intrinsic meaning

4. Random indentation style

5. Not sanitizing/validating the form input and/or the a and b values

6. Putting output inside a method when it should be returning success or failure

7. Not actually calling any of the insert() code

8. Using mysql extension instead of PDO or mysqli or something else

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