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move_uploaded_file function change the file name


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Windows and PHP have never gotten along when it comes to non-ASCII filenames. PHP is not a Unicode program (as far as Windows knows) so it gets special treatment when it comes to filenames, but that special treatment can be a big problem.


The best solution I know is this class. It requires the com_dotnet extension so if you cannot load that then you're out of luck.

You use it like this:

// say you want to write to a file named "C:\العربية.ext"
$filename = "C:\\العربية.ext";

// first you need to make sure the filename is UTF-8 encoded. in your case it probably is
// if not then you can use
$filename = mb_convert_encoding($filename, "UTF-8", "original character encoding");

// now you detect windows systems. this is good for portability
if (strncasecmp(PHP_OS, "WIN", 3) == 0) {
	// WindowsStreamWrapper requires the com_dotnet extension
	if (extension_loaded("com_dotnet") || function_exists("dl") && dl("com_dotnet")) {
		// if you do not have autoloading,

		// while you can use the class normally, it is easier to use it as a stream wrapper
		// you can use any label for the stream wrapper name. I chose "winfs"
		stream_wrapper_register("winfs", "Patchwork\\Utf8\\WindowsStreamWrapper");
		$filename = "winfs://" . $filename;

	// if we cannot load the extension, ASCII filenames are safe and we don't have to worry about them
	// this detects bad filenames by looking for high bytes: 127-255
	else if (preg_match('/[\x7F-\xFF]/', $filename)) {
		// there is no good solution. you may decide to raise a fatal (!) error
		//trigger_error("The com_dotnet extension is required for non-ASCII filenames but cannot be loaded", E_USER_ERROR);

		// or you can substitute a different filename and let the code continue
		// this is better in practice because a file with the wrong name is better than no file at all
		$filename = dirname($filename) . "\\" . uniqid(time(), true) . "." . pathinfo($filename, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
		// (be careful: the file extension may not be ASCII either! in this code I assume it is)

// now you can write to the file the same way you normally would. for example, file uploads still use move_uploaded_file():
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["foo"]["tmp_name"], $filename);
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