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Membership Script Help Needed


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I have a website with a membership script in PHP, on the registration page it asks questions such as name, address, business etc. and some of these fields need to be multip selections, there is also an account page where these fields can be changed as things change. I cannot get the multiple selections to save, they do not go to the database and are not there when you go to the account page. I am attaching my registration.php page the account.php page and the class_user.php is available if needed it wouldn't let me attach all 3



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There really isn't enough there top help you. There are only portions, and an arbitrary insert method, that only leaves more questions than it answers.


You need to post the query handling at least.


You can post code inside of [ code ][/code ] tags.

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The point is that you DON"T post the entire code.  You do your own debugging and when you can't solve the problem you post the PART of the code that you believe is the cause of your problem.  Since you know your code this should not be a huge problem.  Of course, if you didn't write the code.....

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