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I know I mentioned this in the past, the main phpfreaks.com site is so crusty with old posts.

It's not only the tutorials, news and blogs all 3+ years to ancient posts, but also http://www.linuxforum.com/ is dead too


It depresses me to see that and the low visitors been having here a long time now.


Am pretty sure if we got some recent posts up front would raise some peoples interests, some visitors may not even know the forums is the hot spot.


This site is nothing how it's past self was with popularity.


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This comes up time and time again, usually about once a year. The issue is that, as ignace pointed out, people are busy and honestly there is no incentive to pursue such a revamp. Another issue is the owner, he's basically non-existent even when everything is falling apart.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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