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If number not a date


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The user enters a 4 digit number as a date.


Some examples:

0101 = 1st January
1902 = 19th Feb
2412 = 24th December

Is there a way I can perform an if function to tell if the number isn't a date? For exampe if the user enters the number e.g 0001, 4112, 0199?

I already make sure that it is a 4 digit number and not over 3112.




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It's pure coincidence that you can check for numbers > 3112 - if there was a 13th month with 30 days then >3013 wouldn't work. In principle you can only do comparisons like that if you have the data arranged in decreasing order of magnitude: MMDD.

Go ahead and use 3112 but you still need checkdate().


By the way, what are you going to do about 2902?

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