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Conditional formatting of dropdown menu item


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Is it possible to format the menu items in the drop down box? Below is the code used at the moment. What I would like is to make Yes = Green, No = Red and N/A stay black. I tried using the class and style setting on the inline code but had no luck. Can anyone please shed some light on how I would go about this?

<select name="ob_admin_quals" class="standard_left" id="ob_admin_quals">
    <option value="Yes"<?php echo($ob_admin_quals == 'Yes') ? ' selected' : '';?>>Yes</option>
    <option value="No"<?php echo($ob_admin_quals == 'No') ? ' selected' : '';?>>No</option>
    <option value="N/A"<?php echo($ob_admin_quals == 'N/A') ? ' selected' : '';?>>N/A</option>
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Pro tip: When you're not sure whether an element can be styled, a quick Google search helps. The answer in this case is, you can't.


What you can do is reimplement the entire menu with JavaScript (there are libraries for this). Or, if you're only interested in a specific browser, look for CSS extensions in this browser. Both approaches have serious drawbacks in terms of compatibility and accessibility.


The third option would be to use radio buttons with labels instead. Then you can set colors using standard CSS.

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Aside from your question, where is $ob_admin_quals coming from? If from a database, you are either storing it incorrectly which would also indicate the rest of your database is probably wrong or you are not using the unique key . That is a pretty "dirty" block of code, meaning it could be cleaned up quite a bit. You have about 75% more code than you need.

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