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Hello All,

Since I am new here, I wanted to give a penny or two for my thoughts... I have always like IPBoard because of its out of the box features, although I think a great addition to this User Group is a snippet section. I have about 12,000 little snippets (many of them are really old now), but still in the thousands of really cool snippets that I would like to share and would love to see other people's ideas not only for my snippets, but theirs as well. Let me know if that would be a good idea...




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We actually have a place, though it's restricted to established members who've already demonstrated they know their stuff. It's also a bit neglected...


If you want to look for some feedback on what you have then you could make a thread in, say, Miscellaneous, with a handful of the most significant bits of code you've accumulated?

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The problem with code is that it needs to be reviewed and actively maintained, otherwise you quickly end up with poorly written, outdated or even dangerous material. You can see this on many PHP-related websites which still spread bad code from the early 2000s.


Personally, I'm also no big fan of this snippet culture. Code examples are definitely useful in the context of an article or a tutorial, but when you merely post a bunch of functions, most people will just blindly copy and paste them without gaining any actual knowledge.

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@Guru - I totally agree, although here is where the problem lies. If someone get in a car and doesn't put a seat belt, and plows into a telephone pole, do we blame the car manufacture? Part of a beginner's self training is to research and learn from examples. If they just grab the example and get hacked, they just leveled up and now know they better look further, (maybe this is why I am not a therapist). HAHA


Anyways, if it is here, or not, doesn't affect my daily activities just thought it would be a great topic starter.

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