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Bash and heredoc


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I'm really green when it comes to bash...


Trying to create a script which will SSH into multiple servers and report back a list showing the status of a deployment on each.  The intention is for the script to run from my local machine.


I read using heredoc is the way to go but I don't think its possible to store variables which are accessible outside of the sub-session - i.e. you can't store variables inside heredoc and have them accessible outside


So my question is does anyone know a good way to get the variables from heredoc into the 'higher level' bash script so I can aggregate the results from each server?


Pseudo code to illustrate what I'm aiming for:

ssh me@ << EOF
# Get server Status to variable

ssh me@ << EOF
# Get Server Status to variable

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Generally speaking you just capture the output of the command and store that into a variable. That would look something like this:

STATUS=$(ssh you@example.com whatever-command)
So if you wanted to get the disk usage for various servers you might do:

SERVER1=$(ssh you@server1.example.com df -h)
SERVER2=$(ssh you@server2.example.com df -h)
SERVER3=$(ssh you@server3.example.com df -h)

echo Usage for server 1:
echo $SERVER1;
echo Usage for server 2:
echo $SERVER2;
echo Usage for server 3:
echo $SERVER3;
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