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Best paid forum software


Vote for your favorite paid forum software  

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    • vBulletin
    • Invision Power Board
    • WoltLab Burning Board
    • Other

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Also, vB and IPB's sources are not publicly available, but available to a restricted type of people only (developers and anyone who holds a valid license). While these people are allowed to modify the code freely, they are not allowed to release and/or redistribute those modified files (because the original copyright holder still retain their ownership of the code).
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[quote author=mattison link=topic=118552.msg678267#msg678267 date=1187814932]
i have voted for other, as i like custom forums, made from a package and then rescripted, but out of any non payed,
PHPBB - easy to customise
SMF - profetional and great forums  (just like PHPfreaks)

Preferring phpBB or SMF is kind of irrelevant in this case as the question is which [i]paid[/i] forum system you prefer. Neither of the two are paid.
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ive had alot of experience with all 3 scripts and i dont have a favorite.i choose based on how many people will be using the forums. if u plan on 800 people and below, i would pick phpbb2. if u plan on 800-2000 users,IPB(its a step up in features,and you need enough people on the site to fully take control of these features),over 2000 users i would easily pick vbulletin(big step up in admin features to control such a large community).
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I would have to say even though I have never tried it, IPB. Vbulletin is great and all but its wayyy too hard to find anything in the admincp. Editing one freakin file makes you google like 3 things, go through 10 templates and go through like 20 files, and 30 forum posts. Its ridiculous, not to mention the money part.

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If something free is better then something that costs money, then it is obviously better period.


If there are free things that are better then something, and the something costs money; the something SUCKS.


not everything free is good, you know...


take herpes for example.  you dont pay for THAT, but it is not something that you want...

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I tested IPB (on ehm... "I don't care about licenses" licence) and it looked really nice if overwhelming. I know however one of their client, who moved to another software, as he had feeling IPB support was not really responsive, while his forum was hacked into twice in short period of time. This was some two years ago however, so everything could have changed since.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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