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PHP Help with variables

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I am stuck at a point where I need to call multiple numbers for a given API


This is the  code provided by the API company

// Send Message
$my_apikey = "APIKEY";
$destination = "NUMBER";
$message = "hellotest";
$api_url = "http://blahblah.com/send_message.php";
$api_url .= "?apikey=". urlencode ($my_apikey);
$api_url .= "&number=". urlencode ($destination);
$api_url .= "&text=". urlencode ($message);
$my_result_object = json_decode(file_get_contents($api_url, false));


Now My html code would be


<div class="card-header ch-alt">
        <h2>Test API</h2>

    <div class="card-body card-padding">
        API Key: * <br>

         <option value='APIKEY'>APIKEY Value </option>            </select><br>
        Destination Number: * <br>
        <input class="form-control" type="text" id="test_number" required><br>


        Text: * <br>
        <textarea class="form-control" id="test_text" required rows=5></textarea><br>



Now how do I insert multiple numbers on the Destination number...when i give commas, it gives errors but the message goes with single number


Need hlp

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I see confusing things here.  LIke no form tag for your inputs, no <select> tag for your <option>.

So - what is this "Destination number" you are referencing?  I see you have assigned a text string to the $destination variable, but I see no other reference to a "destination".

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What API are you using? Have you looked at the documentation? If the API allows for more than one number, I'm guessing you would need to group the numbers in some way, like with an array.

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