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subtract a month from a date()


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Do I relay have to do all this in PHP 5.0?

$Date = time();
$Month = date('m' ,$Date);
$Year = date('Y' ,$Date);
$Month -= 1;
if ($Month == 0)
   $Month = 12;
   $Year -= 1;
$Date = $Year . "-" . $Month . "-01";
echo $Date;

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echo date('Y-m-d', strtotime('first day of last month')); 
is beeter than

$date = new DateTime('first day of last month');

But how do I get a php.ini into the system for future class related programming

I have

Will it be picked up automatically or as a shared server be ignored?


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As I had to do, you should contact your hosting support people and TELL them you want your PHP.ini file to indicate the timezone that you want to default to.  Then you'll never have to worry about it again.  If they tell you that you can't have it that way, then tell them to give you a FULL copy of the existing .ini file that is in use where you can access it and make the change(s) you need.  Be careful though!

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