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help with not showing php/html page in web search


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The php web video script that I'm using displays user/member account pages in google searches.

For example, the url displaying the page is the https://webvideosite.com/@chrisj

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions on how to have the user/member account pages not appear in searches, either by blocking that somehow,

or only having access to it if you are logged into the site.

I look forward to any replies

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Is this page under your control, ie, did you write it or are you hosting it on your own account?  If so you can modify how it works.  Perhaps to use a POST method instead of a GET method and add a form to it to get the search argument.

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Are you just trying to hack us while we are responding to your fake query for help?  I just tried that example url of yours.  It's written in Chinese!  Normally I refuse to click on these kinds of things.  For some ungodly reason I went against my better sense and exposed myself to your game.

What a jerk!

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Screen shots of what is happening maybe Chris?

Back in the day you could ask Google and other search engines not to spider a site or certain parts of it.  I don't know if that still works.  Search for help on how to use robots.txt

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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, noindex.

I had asked the web script author about this he replied:

"You can place it in ./themes/layout/container.html 
you will need to use php code in order to load this meta only for profile page".


I see the container.html <head> section and I believe the profile page is located at: /themes/default/layout/timeline/pages/about.html

I just don't know how to put it altogether with this:

     <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>


and additional guidance is appreciated




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What you are showing us is an attempt load a line of html code as php code.   What was suggested was that you use php to determine when to add the html line.  Something like:

(in php mode) 

if $pagename == 'profilerpagename.php' 

      echo "<meta name="tobots" content="noindex">";

These lines need to be added near where your head section is being out and of course only in the profiler page's coding.

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fix the if
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Thanks for your reply.

The developer provided this:

$pt->second_page == ‘about’

based on the rest of the container.html code, I have added this:

    <?php if ($pt->second_page == about’){ ?>
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex">} />
    <?php } ?>

does this code look valid?

If so, how would I test?

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Thanks again for your reply/help.


does this line have an extra ' in it, before the last "   ?

echo "<meta name='robots' content='noindex'>'";

if not, and this is valid code:

    if ($pt->second_page == about’)
    echo "<meta name='robots' content='noindex'>'";

how can I test to see if it successfully facilitates the user/member account pages not appearing in searches?

I look forward to any assistance.

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