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Error code when I run localhost


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Hi, I still a noob in PHP programming I hope somebody in the forum can help me and give an ideas how to fixed to this problem,

everytime I run localhost this message appear:

ErrorException in Builder.php line 1023:count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

But if I type localhost/(anycharacter) the page appear but with error 404(kindly refer to image, all other buttons are working except the one indicated with the arrow( kindly refer on the last image, note: app_debug set to true), this problem keeps bugging me for a few weeks now that I still cannot find a way to fixed it. Thank you in advance.




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The $query from $this->getQuery() does not have a valid - as of PHP 7.2 - property.

Prior to PHP 7.2, the result of count() with an invalid parameter would have been misleading (a 0 or 1).

Suggest verifying if this package has been updated to work with PHP 7.2.

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