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How do i print out the data form pdo

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so here the code that i am confusing the whole month , how can i get it to print out the filtered data

$sql="SELECT COUNT(*) as conflicts
        FROM rental
        WHERE Dispatch < :dropoff AND Dropoff > :dispatch";
$stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql);
$stmt->execute( [ 
                   'dropoff'  => $Dropoff,
                   'dispatch' => $Dispatch

im so frustrated on myself that cant do anything

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Espacially this: https://phpdelusions.net/pdo#fetch as it looks like you have mostly anything else. Also have a look at print_r(), var_dump(), htmlspecialchars(), Template Engines and XSS (cross site scripting).

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Not just fetch(), there are multiple options open, for example

  • fetch()
  • fetchAll()
  • foreach ($stmt ...)

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While reading the item linked to by Barand would be a great place to improve your PDO knowledge, a simple loop on a fetch is the usual way of outputting the results of a query.  One problem with your query though is all you are asking for is a count of the rows that match your where condition.  Don't you want so select some fields from those matching records to be displayed?

After that you simply do this:

echo "<table>";
while ($row = $stmt-fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))
  echo "<tr>
echo "</table>";

This will give you a nice html table of the results.  You can add your own table headings (th tags) to improve it.  And you could add some css code to make more improvements.

Note - the "fieldname1 and "fieldname2" are made-up names for your query results.  Obviously you would substitute your queried item names for the $row elements.  

PS - you should also add some error handling code to ensure that the query has actually run or that you have some results to be displayed before starting the loop.


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