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Can anyone help with this problem it seems very simple, I am not an experienced PHP coder but keen to progress.

I am trying to create a User Registration project but have a problem. every time I try to login using  mysqli_fetch_assoc it drops through to my error Invalid Email /Password it seems that the mysqli code is not working correctly but I do not understand this function enough can anyone help. I have attached the coding if this helps.

This is the function

function Login_Attempt($Email,$Password){
    $Query="SELECT * FROM admin_panel WHERE email='$Email'";
            echo $Email;
             return $admin ;
        return null;    }


This is the code I am using 


<?php require_once("Include/Session.php"); ?>
<?php require_once("Include/Styles.css"); ?>
<?php require_once("Include/Functions.php"); ?>
<?php require_once("Include/DB.php"); ?>
    $_SESSION["message"]="All Fields must be filled out";
        $_SESSION["message"]="Invalid Email / Password";

    $_SESSION["message"]="Account Confirmation Required";
<?php ?>
<?php echo Message(); ?>
<?php echo SuccessMessage(); ?></div>
<div id="centerpage">
<br><a href="User_Registration.php"><span class="FieldInfo">Don't Have an account? Creat One !</span></a><br>
    <form action="Login.php" method="post">
<span class="FieldInfo">Email:</span><br><input type="email" Name="Email" value=""><br>
<span class="FieldInfo">Password:</span><br><input type="password" Name="Password" value=""><br>
<input type="checkbox" Name="Remember" ><span class="FieldInfo"> &nbsp;Remember me<span class="FieldInfo"><br>
<br><a href="Recover_Account.php"><span class="FieldInfo">Forgot Password</span></a>

<br><input type="Submit" Name="Submit" value="Login"><br>

Hope this Helps 




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You are not passing $Connection to the function so it is undefined. If you had errors turned on you would have seen that.

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