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ip address not displaying


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Good day everyone. My name is Sbosh am i am still a newbie in PHP as i am still a newbie in the group.

Can someone please explain to me why my computer won't display my ip address?

I have the following code:


$ip_address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

echo $ip_address;


But the output is always some dots and a 1 like so:  ::1


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3 hours ago, Sbosh said:

in order for it to display in the form of 127.0.0.etc.. what do i need to do?

Why do you feel the need to?

IPv6 is already here and gaining in usage.  Let's face it, there are only so many IPv4 Addresses and more devices coming on line every day. 

There will come a time when IPv4 will be is phased out.  Why would you want to deliberately future-fail your code by locking it into this older protocol?


There is no effective difference between "" and "::1". 
It's the [loopback] address of the local machine and, once your Application goes out onto its real server, your Application will, most likely, never see it again, anyway. 


No real difference?

Well, some of us might have to go buy a new T-Shirt to replace the one with this message: 


There's no place like ... 


   Phill  W.



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